HP Laserjet P1005 Driver

HP Laserjet P1005 Driver
HP LaserJet P1005 – hp.com

HP Laserjet P1005 Driver – The HP LaserJet P1005 is a monochrome printer that offers dependable printing efficiency at an inexpensive price. It’s designed for small workplaces or home use, where black and white printing is the primary demand.

HP Laserjet P1005 Driver


  • HP LaserJet P1000-P1500 Host-based Plug and Play Basic Driver: download

Mac OS


  • Driver-Product Installation Software: download

Download Software and Drivers for the HP LaserJet P1005 Printer from the HP Website.

HP Laserjet P1005 Review

Among the standout features of the LaserJet P1005 is its small design. It has a negligible impact; production is ideal for users with limited work desk space. The printer is also lightweight, so production is easy to move if needed.

In regards to printing quality, the LaserJet P1005 provides sharp and crisp text documents. It offers an optimum print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, which is greater than sufficient for most daily printing jobs. However, it is essential to remember that this printer is limited to black-and-white printing, so it is inappropriate for those requiring color printing.

The printer has a reasonably fast printing speed for its price range. It can print up to 14 web pages each minute, suitable for individual or small workplace use. The input tray can hold 150 sheets, which should be adequate for most users. However, it does not have an automated document feeder (ADF) for scanning or copying several web pages at the same time.

One area where the LaserJet P1005 falls short is connection options. It offers only a USB 2.0 port, which means it cannot be connected to a network directly. This limits its ease of access for users who may want to print from various devices. Furthermore, it doesn’t support wireless or mobile printing options, which can disadvantage users who depend significantly on these features.

In regards to dependability, the LaserJet P1005 is typically a reliable printer. It has a regular monthly duty cycle of up to 5,000 web pages, which should suffice for most individual or small workplace printing needs. However, it is well worth remembering that the printer’s printer toner cartridge can be expensive to change, so it is essential to consider the ongoing upkeep costs.

The HP LaserJet P1005 is an affordable monochrome printer with excellent printing quality and speed. Its small design and dependable efficiency make it appropriate for individual or small workplace use. However, its limited connection options and lack of color printing may not satisfy the needs of all users. If you primarily need black-and-white printing and are looking for an inexpensive printer, the LaserJet P1005 deserves consideration.

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HP Laserjet P1005 Design

The HP LaserJet P1005 features a smooth and small design, making it an appropriate choice for users with limited space. Its measurements are approximately 13.7 inches in size, 8.8 inches extensive, and 7.6 inches in elevation. The printer’s small dimension allows it to be in shape comfortably on a work desk or workstation without inhabiting too much space.

The LaserJet P1005’s design is simple and functional. Its matte black finish gives it a professional and understated appearance. The control board lies on the top front of the printer and consists of a couple of switches for power, terminating print jobs, and healing paper jams.

The input paper tray is located near the bottom front of the printer and has a fold-down design to minimize its impact when not being used. The tray can stand up to 150 sheets of paper each time, which should suffice for typical individual or small workplace printing needs.

The output tray lies over the input tray and has a fold-out design to capture published web pages as they exit the printer. It can stand up to 100 sheets of paper, providing sufficient space for gathering published documents.

The LaserJet P1005 has a solitary USB 2.0 port at the rear of the printer, which is used to connect it to a computer system or various other suitable devices. However, it does not have multiple other connection options, such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi, restricting its ability to be expected throughout a network or used for wireless printing.

The printer’s control board is simple and user-friendly, featuring LED indicator lights to convey the printer’s condition. It doesn’t have an integrated display screen or advanced setups, but it provides basic functionality for running the printer and addressing any problems that may occur throughout printing.

Overall, the HP LaserJet P1005’s design is small, functional, and focused on simplicity. It’s designed to be shaped nicely in small spaces and offers a simple user experience. While it may lack some advanced design features and connection options, it provides a dependable and efficient printing service for users with basic black-and-white printing needs.

HP Laserjet P1005 Driver
HP Laserjet P1005 Driver

HP Laserjet P1005 Driver FREE Download for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS and Linux OS.

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Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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