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my-hpdrivers.com is a personal blog (not related to the official site) that provides HP Printer Series Drivers: Deskjet, Laserjet, OfficeJet printer drivers supported for Windows, Mac OS and Linux Operating Systems.

Articles or reviews about HP Printers from my-hpdrivers.com are reviews that have been summarised from various trusted (expert) sites, and we summarise them together.

Whereas the printer driver is sourced directly from the Official HP Printers website which we can download for free.

This blog is only for sharing drivers sourced directly from the HP website. We only try to share with users who have problems with their HP printer drivers. If the link or driver is no longer active, please send an email to admin@my-hpdrivers.com.
Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have technical problems with an HP printer, you can contact the Expert Team below