Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers Download

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Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers Download

The drivers below are for the printer and scanner Brother MFC-J4540DW printer.

For a little overview of this printer, please visit Brother MFC-J4540DW Overview.

Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers for Windows

Full Driver & Software PackageWindows 11, Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32bit) , Windows 7 SP1 (64bit)213.04


Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers for Mac OS

Full Software PackagemacOS 13.x, macOS 12.x, macOS 11.x, macOS 10.15.x, macOS 10.14.x18.39


Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers for Linux

Linux printer driver (deb package)Linux0.08

For Brother MFC-J4540DW FULL, visit Brother’s Website.


How to install Brother MFC-J4540DW Printer

To install the Brother MFC-J4540DW printer, follow these steps:

Unpack the Printer:

  • Remove the printer from its packaging and ensure you have all the included components.

Place the Printer:

  • Find a suitable location for your printer near a power outlet and your computer. Ensure that there’s enough space for the printer to operate comfortably.

Power On the Printer:

  • Plug in the power cord and turn on the printer using the power button.

Install Ink Cartridges:

  • Open the printer cover and install the ink cartridges that came with the printer. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual for this step.

Load Paper:

  • Insert paper into the paper tray or trays according to the instructions in the user manual.

Connect to Power and Network:

  • Connect the printer to a power source and your Wi-Fi network (if it’s a wireless printer). You can usually do this through the printer’s touchscreen control panel. Follow the on-screen prompts and provide your Wi-Fi network’s credentials.

Install Drivers and Software:

  • You need to install the appropriate drivers and software to enable your computer to communicate with the printer. You can usually find these on the Brother website.
  • Visit the Brother support website ( (or you can download it on this page.)
  • Enter your printer’s model number (MFC-J4540DW) and select your operating system.
  • Download the full driver and software package for your printer.
  • Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers and software on your computer.

Print a Test Page:

  • After the software installation, you can print a test page to verify that the printer works correctly.

Configure Printer Settings (Optional):

  • You can adjust various printer settings, such as print quality, paper size, and network settings, through the printer’s control panel or the software on your computer.

Install Mobile Printing Apps (Optional):

  • If you want to print from mobile devices, you can install the Brother iPrint&Scan app on your smartphone or tablet. This app lets you print directly from your mobile device to your Brother printer.

Update Firmware (Optional):

  • Periodically check for firmware updates for your printer on the Brother website and update it if necessary. Firmware updates may include improvements and bug fixes.

Test Printing:

  • Finally, print a document or image from your computer to confirm that the printer is functioning correctly.

That’s it! Your Brother MFC-J4540DW printer should now be installed and ready to use. If you encounter any issues during installation, consult the user manual or visit the Brother support website for troubleshooting guidance.

Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers Download
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Brother MFC-J4540DW Drivers Download FREE for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS and Linux.

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