FUJITSU fi-8150 Driver

FUJITSU fi-8150 Driver
FUJITSU fi-8150 –

FUJITSU fi-8150 Driver – The FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-8150 is a professional-grade document scanner produced by FUJITSU. It’s designed for high-performance scanning and is commonly used in companies requiring efficient and dependable document digitization.

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FUJITSU fi-8150 Review

The FUJITSU fi-8150 is a high-performance document scanner that offers dependable scanning abilities. Here is an evaluation of the scanner:

The fi-8150 is designed for companies requiring a scanner qualified to handle large quantities of documents. It features a durable building, producing it appropriate for stable scanning jobs. The scanner has a high-speed automated document feeder (ADF) that can stand up to 200 sheets, enabling efficient set scanning.

One noteworthy feature of the fi-8150 is its scanning speed. It can scan up to 60 web pages each min (ppm) in the simplex setting and 120 pictures each min (ipm) in the duplex setting. This outstanding speed makes it ideal for companies that need to process large quantities of documents quickly.

The scanner offers excellent picture quality with up to 600 dpi resolution. It utilizes advanced picture processing technologies to improve the checked pictures, ensuring clearness and precision. The fi-8150 also consists of features such as automated color discovery, blank web page elimination, and deskew, which further improve the quality and functionality of the checked documents.

Another notable aspect of the fi-8150 is its versatility in handling various documents. It supports multiple paper dimensions, from A8 to A3, plastic cards, and lengthy documents. The ultrasonic double-feed discovery ensures dependable paper handling by spotting and preventing several web pages from being fed through the scanner simultaneously.

The scanner is packed with extensive software, consisting of dependable PaperStream IP drivers and the PaperStream Catch software. These applications provide advanced picture processing functions and user-friendly scanning features, enabling users to manage their scanning process efficiently.

While the FUJITSU fi-8150 offers excellent efficiency and dependability, it’s well worth remembering that it’s a professional-grade scanner and may be better for companies and companies with high scanning demands. The scanner’s dimension and weight may make it much less mobile than smaller desktop computer scanners.

The FUJITSU fi-8150 is a practical document scanner that masters efficiency, picture quality, and versatility. It’s a dependable choice for companies and companies that require fast and accurate scanning of large quantities of documents.

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FUJITSU fi-8150 Design

The FUJITSU fi-8150 scanner features a professional and functional design appropriate for high-volume scanning jobs. Here is a summary of its invention:

Dimension and Form Factor:

  • The fi-8150 has a small design that allows it to be in shape easily on a work desk or in a dedicated scanning location.
  • Its measurements are typically about 300mm (W) x 577mm (Decoration) x 234mm (H), production it reasonably space-efficient considering its scanning abilities.
  • The scanner is designed to be sturdy and durable, qualified to endure the demands of hefty everyday use.

Automated Document Feeder (ADF):

  • The fi-8150 has a durable automated document feeder (ADF) on top of the scanner.
  • The ADF has a large capacity, typically qualified for standing up to 200 sheets of paper.
  • It enables efficient set scanning, immediately feeding documents into the scanner for continuous scanning without manual treatment.

Control Panel:

  • The scanner’s front panel features a user-friendly control board that provides practical access to various scanning functions and setups.
  • It typically consists of switches for starting checks, quitting checks, and browsing the scanner’s menu options.
  • Furthermore, there may be indicator lights to display the condition of the scanner, such as power, mistake, or ready to scan.

Paper Course and Output Tray:

  • The scanner has a clear and specified paper course to ensure smooth and dependable document feeding.
  • The checked documents are usually expelled from the front or back of the scanner, depending upon the specific model.
  • A flexible output tray or capture tray is often used to gather the checked documents nicely as they exit the scanner.


  • The fi-8150 is typically equipped with a USB user interface for connecting to a computer system or workstation.
  • This enables a straight and dependable link, ensuring efficient information moves in between the scanner and the connected device.

Develop Quality:

  • The scanner is built to concentrate on resilience and dependability to endure the demands of high-volume scanning atmospheres.
  • The products used in its building are often sturdy and immune to deterioration.
  • The scanner is designed to provide consistent efficiency over an extended duration, reducing the need for regular upkeep or repairs.

Overall, the design of the FUJITSU fi-8150 scanner highlights functionality, resilience, and ease of use. Its small dimension, large-capacity ADF, user-friendly control board, and dependable paper course make it a responsible choice for companies requiring efficient and reliable document scanning.

FUJITSU fi-8150 Driver
FUJITSU fi-8150 Driver

FUJITSU fi-8150 Driver FREE Download for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS and Linux.

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