Canon PIXMA MG5250 Driver

Canon PIXMA MG5250 Driver
Canon PIXMA MG5250 –

Canon PIXMA MG5250 Driver – The Canon PIXMA MG5250 printer is an all-in-one inkjet with printing, scanning, and copying abilities. It’s designed for home and small workplace use and has various features such as wireless connection, high print resolution, and user-friendly management. The printer provides excellent print quality and supports various media kinds. It’s a flexible and dependable option for those looking for a multifunctional printer for their printing needs.

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Canon PIXMA MG5250 Review

The Canon PIXMA MG5250 is an all-in-one inkjet printer that offers a variety of features appropriate for both home and small workplace use. Here is an evaluation of the printer:

Design and Develop Quality:

The Canon PIXMA MG5250 flaunts a properly designed and durable development quality. Its sleek and small design, combined with a black finish, gives it an appealing look that fits perfectly into any environment.

The printer is crafted with a focus on information, and its sturdy building ensures resilience and durability. The products used in its building are top quality, adding to its overall quality.

The control board and switches on the printer are well-placed and easy to browse, enabling effortless procedure. The printer features a small color display that provides clear and user-friendly menus for accessing various functions and setups.

Canon has taken note of the user experience, ensuring that the printer is user-friendly and easy to set up. The installation process is simple, and going along with the paperwork provides clear instructions for starting.

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Print Quality:

The Canon PIXMA MG5250 offers outstanding print quality, providing sharp and vibrant outcomes for text and pictures. An optimum print resolution of up to 9600 x 2400 dpi (dots each inch) ensures excellent information and clearness in published documents and pictures.

When printing text documents, the MG5250 creates crisp and well-defined text, making it appropriate for professional or individual use. The text is sharp and clear, also at smaller sized font style dimensions.

Regarding picture printing, the MG5250 excels at accurately catching and recreating shades. It creates vibrant and true-to-life pictures with smooth gradients and fine information. Whether it is printing photos, videos, or illustrations, the printer showcases the deepness and splendor of shades, improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the prints.

Furthermore, the printer uses individual ink cartridges for various shades, enabling precise color recreation and affordable printing. If one color goes out, you must change that specific cartridge rather than the whole set.

The print speed may differ depending on the intricacy of the document or picture being published. While the MG5250 may not be the fastest printer in its course, its print quality compensates for the slightly slower speed.

Print Speed:

The MG5250 offers good print rates. It can print black and white documents at approximately 11 web pages each min (ppm) and color documents at about nine ppm. While these rates may not be the fastest, they suffice for most home and small workplace needs.


This printer offers various connection options. It has a USB connection for direct links to a computer system. Furthermore, it supports Wi-Fi, enabling you to print wirelessly from several devices, such as laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablet computers. It also supports direct printing from suitable sd cards and USB blink owns.

Ease of Use:

The printer features a user-friendly control board with a small color display to navigate various setups and options easily. It has an auto-duplex printing feature, which enables automated double-sided printing, conserving time and paper.

Scanner and Photocopier:

The MG5250 consists of a flatbed scanner that offers great scanning quality with an optimum 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution. It also functions as a photocopier, enabling you to earn matches of documents quickly and easily.

Software and Compatibility:

Canon provides user-friendly software for managing printing, scanning, and various other functions. The printer works with both Windows and macOS os, ensuring wide compatibility with various devices.

Overall, the Canon PIXMA MG5250 is a dependable all-in-one printer with top-quality prints and flexible features. Its wireless connectivity options and user-friendly user interface make it practical to use. However, if you require much faster print rates or durable printing abilities, you might want to consider various other models in Canon’s schedule.

Canon PIXMA MG5250 Driver
Canon PIXMA MG5250 Driver

Canon PIXMA MG5250 Driver FREE Download for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS and Linux.

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