Brother PT-P950NW Driver

Brother PT-P950NW Driver – The Brother PT-P950NW is a high-performance tag printer that can print tags at a fast speed. Its print speed depends on the tag kind and dimension you’re printing, but it can print up to 60mm each second, which is relatively fast compared with various other tag printers.

Brother PT-P950NW Driver


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Brother PT-P950NW Review

For instance, if you’re printing a standard 4-line address tag (36mm x 90mm), the PT-P950NW can print it in about 3 secs. If you’re printing a much longer title, it may take a couple of secs more, but it’s still reasonably fast.

Among the factors the P950NW is so fast is because it uses thermal move technology to print tags. This printing technique is much quicker than inkjet printing, creating top-quality labels immune to fading and smudging.

Overall, the PT-P950NW’s print speed is outstanding and will help you quickly and efficiently print large batches of tags promptly and efficiently.

Brother PT-P950NW Driver
Brother PT-P950NW –

The PT-P950NW is a high-performance tag printer designed for various business setups. Here’s an evaluation of its features and abilities:

Design and Develop:

The Brother P950NW is a durable and sturdy tag printer that can handle long-lasting use. It has a smooth and modern design that will fit well with most workplace setups. The printer measures 5.9 x 10.6 x 9.8 inches and evaluates about 4.4 extra pounds; production is small and easy to move.


One of the most outstanding features of the Brother P950NW is its comprehensive connection options. It can connect to your computer system or mobile phone via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or NFC, production it easy to print tags from almost any device. You can also print labels straight from popular shadow solutions such as Dropbox, Msn, yahoo Own, and OneDrive.

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Identifying Abilities:

The PT-P950NW is a flexible tag printer that can print various tags. It can print labels up to 36mm wide, with an optimum print resolution of 360 x 720 dpi. It supports multiple tag kinds, including laminated, heat shrink, and sticky tapes.

The printer has an integrated auto-cutter that can cut tags to any size, a valuable feature for quickly printing several labels. The PT-P950NW also has integrated tag design software that allows you to produce custom tags using various design themes and signs.

Various other Features:

The PT-P950NW has various other valuable features that make it an excellent choice for companies. It has a large, easy-to-read backlit display that makes it easy to browse menus and setups. It also has an integrated barcode generator that can produce various barcodes consisting of QR codes.

Final thought:

The PT-P950NW is an outstanding tag printer with various features and abilities. Its comprehensive connection options, flexible identifying skills, and user-friendly design make it great for companies of all dimensions. The drawback is that it’s a bit expensive compared with various other tag printers on the marketplace, but its features and efficiency make it well worth the financial investment.

Brother PT-P950NW Ink

The Brother P950NW is a tag printer that uses thermal move technology to print tags. Unlike inkjet printers, which use fluid ink, thermal move printers use heat to move ink from a bow into the tag material.

The PT-P950NW uses Brother TZe laminated tapes in various shades and dimensions. These tapes come with an integrated thermal move bow, so you do not need to worry about changing ink cartridges. The tape cassettes are easy to load and change, so you can quickly switch between various tag kinds and shades as needed.

The P950NW also has a “half-cut” feature that allows you to cut the tape to any size, so you do not waste any material. The auto cutter on the printer will cut the tag to the preferred size after printing, and after that, suffice again to divide it from the following title.

Overall, the thermal move technology used by the Brother P950NW is a dependable and efficient way to print tags, and the Brother TZe tapes are top quality and long-lasting. You do not need to worry about changing ink cartridges, and the recordings are easy to load and change.

Brother PT-P950NW Driver
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