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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Driver – If you are interested in digitizing and archiving all your paper invoices and monetary and lawful documents–or simply about anything you carry paper–there are a handful of customer sheet-fed scanners to choose from, consisting of Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Driver

FilenameOperating SystemSize
ScanSnap Home Download Installer 2.3.1Windows52,75 MBdownload
ScanSnap Home Download Installer 2.1.0Mac OS858 MBdownload

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Review

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Driver – What makes the S1500 so attractive is that it is not just small (about the dimension of a loaf of bread) but also very fast. This 600×600 dpi color scanner is designed to make one central point and do it well. It checks color and black-and-white documents and immediately transforms them into searchable PDF files (if you choose to earn them searchable).

Inning accordance with Fujitsu, the S1500 can scan 20 web pages each min. Our tests proved accurate as we checked a 350-page manuscript in about 16 mins. It is also able to scan both single-sided and double-sided documents.

As with most customer document scanners, you are establishing the scanner is very simple. You install the ScanSnap software on your Windows or Mac computer system, connect the S1500 via a USB cable television, and you are ready to begin scanning.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Driver – Slide some documents right into the top-loading tray. After that push, the switch on the front of the unit (the just button) and the desktop computer software are immediately introduced. You can decide to scan to ScanSnap Manager or another suitable document organizer.

If you are packing numerous web pages, you need to be a bit careful to put all the web pages in straight and not include too many web pages at once (you are supposed to load up to 50 web pages simultaneously).

Keeping that 350-page manuscript and a practically 1,000-page legal deposition, we had respectable good luck packing about 40 web pages to begin, including web pages as the pile obtained lower.

The Tester had a couple of paper jams, but the ScanSnap software does a great job, allowing you to proceed where you left off (before the hole) without messing up the entire scan. You stand out, open the scanner, draw any obstructed web pages out, shut the scanner, and hit the switch to start scanning again. The software informs you which web page has not been appropriately checked, and you can begin with it there.

Once you scan your document or invoice, it shows as a PDF file in the application. After that, relabel the file and decide whether to put it in a folder with various other documents or invoices. We can’t say the software’s super slick, but it’s easy to use, and it is easy to drag and drop PDF files anywhere you want them to go.

The Windows variation of the ScanSnap supervisor comes with some additionals. This essential optical personality acknowledgment software transforms checked PDF documents into Word or Stand out files.

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For instance, we took an old manuscript that we didn’t have kept on disc, digitized it right into a PDF, and after that, fed that PDF right into the consisted ABBYY OCR program (it is not the newest 10.0 variation of ABBYY’s FineReader, but it’s variation 9.0).

Windows users also obtain business-card reader software that allows you to feed calling cards right into the scanner and transform them into electronic get-in touches (it works well other than when a card has strange text or personalities on it).

Overall, we were pretty delighted with the outcomes of the ABBYY software. However, we encountered one glitch that transformed all “I “s right into “1” s. You can find and change if the software makes any mistakes, but points obtain a bit challenging when you are confronted with a circumstance where you have both “I “s and “1” s throughout a file.

While we found the S15 enjoyable and easy to store (the paper trays fold internally right into the unit to save space when not in use), we should explain that we have the same restrictions, it can’t approve large documents apart from much longer legal-size web pa for beginners ages.

Since the scanner is designed for 8.5×11 inch paper (as well as the previously mentioned legal-size paper), anything wider than 8.5 inches isn’t scannable. Also, while it can scan pictures, it does not observe them, and an accurate picture scanner (we wound up with some noticeable scan lines with an 8×10 image we checked in) transforms them into PDFs, not JPEG pictures.

On the other hand, we were impressed with how almost everything else looked, consisting of invoices recreated in vivid information.

Also, as kept in mind, Mac users do not obtain the critical OCR extras; the scanner transforms documents into PDF files, and the desktop computer software helps you arrange those files. (Initially, the S1500 wasn’t suitable with the Snow Leopard variation of Mac OS X, but Fujitsu recently provided a new driver.)

For those looking for something also smaller sized and more mobile, Fujitsu also makes the S300M, which costs about $250. However, the S300M is tailored toward invoices and brief documents.

For about $400 online, the S1500 isn’t inexpensive, but it is reasonably valued for what it does and how well it performs. If you are looking to go out from under all the paper that is frustrating you–or simply taking up space–the Fujitsu S1500 is a small but effective business tool that you will quickly find essential.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Driver – If you are interested in digitizing and archiving all your paper invoices and monetary and lawful documents–or simply about anything you carry paper–there are a handful of customer sheet-fed scanners to choose from, consisting of Fujitsu’s ScanSnap S1500.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Driver
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