Epson L565 Scanner Driver

Epson L565 Scanner Driver – Another use for the Epson L565 printer is to copy, scan and send faxes. You can get various functions on this type of printer. To print photos, this printer has a speed of 15 ppm, and it prints colored text or images on paper at a rate of 33 ppm. With only 27 seconds, this printer can copy documents.

Epson L565 Scanner Driver


Epson L565 Scanner Driver from Epson Website.

Epson L565 review

Epson L565 Scanner Driver – Epson brand printers are one of the products that the people of Indonesia often use. Printing and photocopying need their advantages compared to other competitors.

Here are some of the advantages of the Epson L565 printer that you need to know:

1. Support WiFi

As a sophisticated product, the Epson L565 unit supports wireless connections via a WiFi network. The settings are pretty straightforward and hassle-free, so users can immediately start working on printing documents.

The Epson Connect feature allows users to print remotely from a smartphone. This can increase work productivity for office employees without being hampered by the complexity of cabling.

2. Multifunctional

Manufacturers design the designs and features of the Epson L565 specifically for use in the office sector. The multifunctional printer supports printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing.

Each employee can connect directly to the Epson L565 to perform various tasks simultaneously. Office operations can run more efficiently with multifunction and wireless connections.

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3. High Resolution

The Epson L565 has Micro Piezo technology with a print speed of up to 9 ppm, which is reliable. In addition, the optical sensor is of sufficient quality and capable of scanning at a maximum resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi.

You can save scanned files in several extensions, including PDF, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF. This printer supports various paper sizes with a maximum legal dimension of 21 x 35 cm.

4. Save Ink

Say goodbye to cartridges because the Epson L565 offers a meager cost per page. The EcoTank system with a large cylinder volume allows users to print 13 thousand of black documents.

Epson L565 Scanner Driver – The ink tank design is integrated directly into the printer body so owners can feel the product’s reliability. Meanwhile, this system makes it easy for anyone to do the refill process without worrying about spills.

Epson L565 Scanner Driver
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