Epson L360 Scanner Driver

Epson L360 Scanner Driver – The Epson L360 comes with an All-In-One feature suitable for you as a staff-student, student, or even a small printing business person.

Epson L360 Scanner Driver


Epson L360 Scanner from Epson Website.

Epson L360 Scanner Review

Epson L360 Scanner Driver – With the All-in-One capability, this printer can do three tasks simultaneously without using other devices. You can print, copy and scan documents without getting tired of going back and forth to the photocopier. This is the ideal technology to meet today’s needs.

Print Quality

Like the high-end printer types, the Epson L360 can produce an excellent print resolution of 5760 dpi. The more ink dots that can be made, the better it will be when we print photos. This is one of the advantages of Epson printers over others.

The main advantage of the EPSON L360 is its all-in-one feature, print + scanner + copy in one place. In addition, it is also equipped with a factory default infusion tube, so it doesn’t require you to do a manual infusion which results in losing the official warranty.

The next advantage of the EPSON L360 is that it can use art paper inks suitable for this type of paper, such as for Eid envelopes, and it is not easy to fade. But remember that replacing ink with art paper will void the warranty because it requires draining the factory default ink first.

The Epson printer is trendy for home / personal use and business. This is inseparable from the excellent quality of the printouts, as what is still booming today is the Epson L360 printer.

The Epson L360 printer can be said to have good quality, but the price is affordable, so if you are looking for a printer to support your work, there is nothing wrong with considering the Epson L360 printer. You can learn the specifications below.

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Epson L360 Scanner Driver – The Epson L360 printer is quite sought-after because it offers the All-in-One feature, namely Print, Scan, Copy. In addition, the price is also relatively affordable for a printer with exclusive features like this.

The Epson L360 is suitable for office or personal needs. The price of this Epson printer is too
affordable, seeing the many advantages that can be obtained from this printer. But before discussing the benefits, let’s first look at the specifications of the Epson L360 printer.

Some of the advantages of the Epson L360 printer are as follows:

1. High-resolution Print Quality

Of course, this is great if we want to print images or photos, the print resolution can be up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. Even though it is pretty fast, the print results still have a high resolution and do not reduce the quality. This is because the Epson L360 has a Micro Piezo Print Head, making it possible to print documents quickly but still maintain quality.

2. Print, scan, and copy in one device

These three features are, of course, indispensable in handling documents. Print, Scan, and Copy. All these functions have great speed. So that when used for office or business needs, it can provide convenience.

3. Printing speed

Regarding speed in printing, the Epson L360 printer can rely on printing text and images. The Epson L360 can print 33 sheets of black documents in one minute. As for color documents, they can be 15 sheets per minute.

4. Save Ink

Epson L360 Scanner Driver – This printer has an ink tank of up to 70ml. So you don’t have to worry about the ink running out quickly. In addition, a micro piezo print head can also make the ink come out as needed.

Epson L360 Scanner Driver
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