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Epson L3150 Driver – Epson L3150 was first released with various types of Epson inkjet and laser printers. At the beginning of its launch, Epson printers talked about modernizing and improving printer quality.

Epson L3150 Driver


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Epson L3150 Driver from Epson Website.

Epson L3150 Detail

Epson L3150 Driver – There are several reasons to look at the Epson L3150. Besides being economical because it uses Ink Tanks, the Epson L3150 is also equipped with a WiFi connection. So, you can order the Epson L3150 to print documents or photos via smartphone or remotely!

Advantages of the Epson L3150 Ink Tank Printer

1. Epson L3150 advantages: Have an attractive and concise design

Epson L3150 Driver – Ink Tanks or ink tanks in the Epson L series are usually placed on the side or side. It makes the device expand. As a result, you need a large enough space to put this printer on the table.

Learning from these problems, Epson made exciting changes to the L3150. Ink Tank is now integrated or integrated on the front of the printer. Therefore, you don’t need ample space to put this Epson L3150 Ink Tank Printer.

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The printer has dimensions (WxDxH) of 375 x 347 x 179 mm and weighs only 3.9 kg.

2. Epson L3150 advantages: Save money

Epson L3150 Driver – The price of the Epson L3150 is indeed relatively high. You can buy the Ink Tank Printer product at prices like on Amazon.

Even so, the price you have to pay is not that high. The reason is that the cost of this product ink is not too high. What’s more, one ink bottle is enough for thousands of sheets.

Epson L3150 Driver – According to Epson’s claims, one black bottle of ink can be used to print 4,500 sheets of documents. Meanwhile, colour ink consisting of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (three separate bottles) can print 7,500 pages of colour documents. This printer itself adopts the CMYK colour system.

Oh yes, the price of ink for this printer is around Rp. 78,000 per bottle. You will need four ink bottles which consist of the previously mentioned colours. Save again if you run out of black; for example, you only need to spend money to buy just one bottle of ink.

The Ink Tank itself can accommodate more ink than the cartridge type. In other words, you can save money on buying ink.

3. Epson L3150 advantages: High print speed

Epson L3150 Driver – Epson L3150 Driver – The Epson L3150 Ink Tank can print documents quickly. In one minute, it can print 33 A4-sized copies in black. Meanwhile, the Epson L3150 can print as many as 15 pages per minute for colour.

For ISO, this printer can print 10 IPM for black and 5 IPM for colours. This printer can print with a resolution of up to 5,760 x 1,440 dpi.

Epson L3150 Driver – This print speed may increase slightly when the document is printed in draft mode. Unofficial correspondence or documents only used for personal purposes are recommended to be published in draft mode only because, besides being faster, they are also more ink efficient.

4. Epson L3150 advantages: Versatility

The Epson L3150 Ink Tank can not only be required to print documents. It has two additional functions that make it a multifunctional printer.

The Epson L3150 is equipped to scan documents in the scanner function and duplicate documents (photocopies). The maximum area the scanner can check on the Epson L3150 is 216 x 297 mm.

5. Epson L3150 advantages: WiFi

Epson L3150 Driver – As stated at the beginning of the article, the Epson L3150 Ink Tank Printer is equipped with WiFi capability. You can print documents or photos remotely using an application that can be installed on a smartphone.

Epson L3150 Driver

Epson L3150 Driver FREE Download: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP etc (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS and Linux

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