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Epson L120 Driver – Epson L120 is known as a manufacturer of quality printers even though Epson has established in the 1970s. Almost no other brand could compete with Epson during the dot matrix printer era. Epson L120 Driver Download for Windows 10, 8/ 8.1, 7, Vista, XP (32bit – 64bit), macOS, and Linux OS.

Epson L120 Driver


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Epson L120 Detail

When the printer trend shifted to inkjets, the Epson name faded slightly and was even less popular than Canon or HP. Epson certainly did not give up and continued to improve. Their printer products are arguably starting to align again with Canon or HP.

The Epson L120 printer is included in the printer category for home needs, but SME-scale offices can also use it. L120’s compact size makes it easy to place on your desk at home and in the office.

The Epson L120 is 461 x 215 x 130 mm and weighs only 2.4 kg. The dimensions of this printer are more compact when compared to the previous generation.

The ink tank is located on the right side of the printer, so it would be better if this printer was placed on the right side of the table and the right side is empty, making it easier for you to refill the ink when it runs out.

The Epson L120 printer has a print speed that is quite impressive, which is up to 8.5 IPM for black and up to 4.5 IPM for colours.

Thus, your productivity is guaranteed to remain high when using this printer because you don’t have to wait too long to print a document, especially if the report only requires black ink, such as text materials.

This print speed may increase slightly when the document is printed in draft mode. Private correspondence or materials that are only used for personal purposes are recommended in draft mode only because, besides being faster, they are also more ink efficient.

The Epson L120 is a refinement of the previous generation, the Epson L110. The Epson L110 is an inexpensive printer with an operating cost of around IDR 35 per colour page. As a successor and has gone through various quality improvements, the Epson L120 is undoubtedly even more economical.

The built-in ink tank for the Epson L120 printer has a capacity of 40 ml for each colour. There are four full colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black because this printer adheres to the CMYK colour system.

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The advantages of Epson L120

Epson brand printer

The first advantage is the big name brand Epson. Tester used to buy an Epson L120 printer at EL Computer Purwokerto. Indeed, from home, the tester intended to buy an Epson printer. When the tester was there, the tester was offered by seles cannon compared to what type tester forgot, which has the advantage of being able to scan. Tester intended to refuse and preferred this printer.

Using the ink tank system

The advantage of the Epson L120 is that it uses an ink tank ink system, so we don’t need to modify the infusion system. The experience of my friend who bought a printer that had to modify the ink infusion system was complicated, so I chose this Epson printer with an integrated ink tank, so it’s easy if you want to fill and add ink.

Long Warranty

Epson is known for a good warranty, even including the print head, where the printhead component is damaged, the cost for replacement is quite expensive. You usually use an Epson printer if you look at places such as internet cafes, photocopies, or print photos. Of course, because Epson is stubborn and if it’s damaged, it’s easy to repair.

The tester chose the Epson L120 because we can get a warranty for two years or 40,000 print sheets, and of course, it includes a printhead warranty. For some reason, my friend keeps suggesting the Epson brand.

compact and lightweight

the form of the Epson L120 printer is compact and not heavy because it only weighs 2.4 kg. It weighs only 2 kg more, so it is suitable to be placed anywhere, on a table or chair.

can print color

the Epson l120 printer can print colour thanks to ink, thanks to a combination of Black Ink Cartridge [T6641], Cyan Ink Cartridge [T6642], Magenta Ink Cartridge [T6643], Yellow Ink Cartridge [T6644]. The Epson l120 can also print photos even though the results are not very good.

Epson L120 Driver

Epson L120 Driver FREE Download for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP (32bit – 64bit), macOS and Linux OS.

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