Canon PIXMA G2000 Driver

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Canon PIXMA G2000 Driver
Canon PIXMA G2000 Driver

Canon PIXMA G2000 Driver – The Canon PIXMA G2000 is an all-in-one inkjet printer designed for home and small workplace use. It features incorporated ink tanks with high ink capacity, enabling affordable printing. The printer uses Canon’s FINE technology to deliver sharp, vibrant prints with accurate colour recreation. While it does not have a wireless connection, it offers a USB connection for direct printing from a computer system. The PIXMA G2000 is known for its excellent print quality and cost-effective printing abilities.

Canon PIXMA G2000 Driver Download


  • G2000 series MP Drivers Ver.1.02 (Windows): download

Mac OS

  • G2000 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver. (Mac): download


Canon PIXMA G2000 Driver from Canon Website.

Canon PIXMA G2000 Review

The Canon PIXMA G2000 is an all-in-one inkjet printer designed for home and small workplace use. It belongs to Canon’s G-series printers, known for their high-capacity ink tanks that offer affordable printing. Here is an evaluation of the Canon PIXMA G2000 based on its features and efficiency:

Design and Develop Quality

The Canon PIXMA G2000 features a properly designed and sturdy development quality. The printer has a small and space-saving design; production is appropriate for small workplaces or home atmospheres where space may be limited. The outside of the printer is made of durable products that can endure routine use.

One noteworthy aspect of the design is the incorporated ink tanks at the printer’s front. This design choice enables easy monitoring of ink degrees, making it practical to know when replenishment is needed. Furthermore, the positioning of the ink tanks provides fast and problem-free access for refilling.

The control board of the PIXMA G2000 is positioned on the top of the printer for easy access. The switches and user interfaces are user-friendly and user-friendly, enabling simple procedures and navigating through the printer’s functions.

Regarding development quality, the PIXMA G2000 is typically dependable and durable. Users have reported that the printer withstands routine use with no significant problems. However, as with any digital device, handling and maintaining the printer is necessary to ensure its durability.

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Print Quality

The Canon PIXMA G2000 is known for its outstanding print quality. It uses Canon’s FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Design) technology, which ensures precise and detailed prints. The printer creates sharp and vibrant text documents with excellent clearness.

Regarding picture printing, the PIXMA G2000 provides abundant and vibrant shades, precisely catching the tiniest information. Whether you are printing documents or pictures, the print quality of the PIXMA G2000 is highly regarded and is a standout feature of the printer.

Print Speed

The print speed of the Canon PIXMA G2000 is good for home and small workplace use. It can print black and white documents at approximately 8.8 pictures each min (ipm) and colour documents at about 5.0 ipm.

While these rates may not be the fastest compared with printers, they are acceptable for daily printing needs. Bear in mind that the real print speed can differ depending upon factors such as the intricacy of the document and the printer setups. Overall, the PIXMA G2000 offers sensible print rates that should satisfy the requirements of most users.


The PIXMA G2000 supports a USB connection, enabling you to connect it straight to your computer system. However, it doesn’t have integrated wireless or network connection options, which can be restricted if you prefer wireless printing or need to share the printer with several devices.

Ink Effectiveness

Among the significant benefits of the PIXMA G2000 is its affordable printing. The printer has four ink tanks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) with high capacity. This decreases the need for regular ink cartridge substitutes and reduces the overall printing cost of each web page.

Overall, the Canon PIXMA G2000 is a dependable inkjet printer with excellent print quality and affordable printing abilities. However, its lack of wireless connection and fairly slower print speed may disadvantage users that require advanced features. If you primarily concentrate on top-quality prints and cost-effective printing, the PIXMA G2000 can be an appropriate choice.