Canon PIXMA E3370 Driver

Canon PIXMA E3370 Driver
Canon PIXMA E3370

Canon PIXMA E3370 Driver – The Canon PIXMA E3370 is an all-in-one inkjet printer produced by Canon. It’s designed to provide a solitary device with printing, scanning, and copying functionality. The printer is small in dimension, and production is appropriate for home or small workplace setups with limited space. Its wireless connection options allow users to easily print documents and pictures from their mobile phones, tablet computers, or computer systems.

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Canon PIXMA E3370 Review

The PIXMA E3370 is known for its great print quality, offering sharp, vibrant prints with accurate shades. It also features individual ink cartridges, enabling affordable substitutes when a specific colour goes out. Here’s an evaluation of the printer:


The Canon PIXMA E3370 features a smooth and small design well-suited for home and small workplace atmospheres. It has a contemporary, minimalistic look with clean lines and a matte black finish. The printer’s measurements are designed to inhabit minimal work desk space, production it easy to suit various setups.

The control board of the PIXMA E3370 lies on the top front of the printer, offering practical access for users. It comprises a small LCD screen, and navigational and function switches, enabling easy procedure and menu navigation. The user-friendly layout of the control board ensures that users can quickly and easily perform various printer functions with no complication.

The paper handling system lies behind the printer. It has a back tray holding a modest quantity of ordinary or picture paper. The back tray design enables smooth and problem-free packing of various paper dimensions and kinds.

Print Quality

This printer provides excellent print quality with an optimum print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dots each inch (dpi). Whether you are printing documents or pictures, the PIXMA E3370 creates sharp and vibrant prints with accurate shades and great information.

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Print Speed

The Canon PIXMA E3370 offers a good print speed for home and small workplace use. The real print speed can differ depending upon factors such as the intricacy of the document, the print setups selected, and the link kind used. Here are the approximate print rates for the PIXMA E3370:

  1. Black and white documents: The PIXMA E3370 has a black-and-white print speed of approximately 7.7 web pages each min (ppm). This speed is appropriate for printing text documents, essays, and other black-and-white products.
  2. Colour documents: Regarding colour printing, the PIXMA E3370 has an approximate print speed of 4.0 ppm. This speed is sensible for creating colour discussions, leaflets, pamphlets, and other colour documents.

It is important to remember that these rates are approximate and may differ depending on the specific printing problems. Furthermore, printing in better setups or with bigger file dimensions may slightly decrease the print speed.

While the PIXMA E3370 may not be the fastest printer on the marketplace, it provides adequate speed for most home and small workplace printing needs. If you have high-volume printing requirements, you might consider choosing a printer with a greater print speed to improve efficiency.


The PIXMA E3370 offers various connection options to fit various choices. It supports a USB connection for a direct link to a computer system and a wireless connection for practical printing from mobile devices and laptop computers. You can also print wirelessly using the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application, production it easy to print documents and pictures straight from your mobile phone or tablet computer.

Scanning and Copying

This printer has an integrated flatbed scanner, enabling you to scan documents and pictures with an optimum optical resolution of up to 600 x 1200 dpi. It also supports colour copying, enabling you to earn fast duplicates of documents without the need for a different copy machine.

Ink Effectiveness

The PIXMA E3370 uses individual ink cartridges, enabling you to change just the colour that goes out. This can assist in saving costs over time, as you do not need to change the whole set of cartridges when just one colour is diminished. Canon also offers optional XL cartridges that provide greater web page yields, further enhancing effectiveness and decreasing the regularity of cartridge substitutes.

The Canon PIXMA E3370 is a dependable, flexible printer appropriate for home and small workplace use. Its small design, great print quality, and practical wireless connection offer a strong printing service for various printing needs.