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Epson ET-4800 Driver – The Epson EcoTank ET-4800 is an all-in-one supertank printer designed for the office. It is composed of the upgraded EcoTank collection, changing the Epson EcoTank ET-4700. Such as many supertank models, it prints thousands of web pages before its ink tanks need refilling.

Epson ET-4800 Driver

FilenameOperating SystemSize
Drivers and Utilities Combo Package InstallerWindows10.7 MB
Drivers and Utilities Combo Package InstallerMac OS8.70 MB

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Epson ET-4800 Review

Its high web page yields and affordable ink containers give it an extremely reduced cost-per-print, meaning you will conserve more money over time with super tanks than traditional inkjets.

Sadly, it is susceptible to printhead blocking and misalignment, so some ink obtains wasted since you need to run upkeep jobs to refix the problems. Also, it can’t immediately print double-sided, so you must turn over your sheets by hand when you want to print the second side.

The Epson ET-4800 is suitable for small offices. You can print thousands of web pages before the black and color tanks begin operating empty, meaning you do not need to worry about buying new ink containers frequently, also if you print a hundred web pages a week.

It has a flatbed scanner, an automated document feeder, and integrated fax, so you should be set for most workplace jobs. Sadly, it can’t scan or print double-sided sheets immediately, so you must turn them over on your own when the printer triggers you. Also, it prints gradually, so you will be waiting a while for your document to print, particularly if your workplace has several individuals using the printer.

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Epson ET-4800 Cartridge

The Epson ET-4800 is a super tank printer, meaning it has four refillable ink tanks rather than traditional cartridges. It yields many web pages, so you do not need to replenish the tanks frequently. However, these printers do not have an ink degree sensing unit, so they have no idea the exact ink degrees left.

Instead, they monitor ink use inside to estimate when the ink degrees run reduced, meaning you will need to watch the ink degrees and hand reset the printer setups when you decide to replenish the tanks. Ensure you do not let the ink degrees run too reduced, as this could present air bubbles into the print tubes and damage the printheads.

Sadly, the printer is susceptible to printhead blocking and misalignment, which happens now and then throughout the web page yield test. Operating a printhead cleaning and positioning helps refix the issue, but you might use a significant quantity of ink throughout these jobs.

Epson ET-4800 Scanning Resolution And Color Deepness

The default resolution is 200DPI, which is acceptable for simple text documents. If you are scanning something with much small information, such as pictures or transcribed, it is better to choose a more excellent resolution.


Epson ET-4800 Driver – The Epson EcoTank ET-4800 has a highly reduced cost-per-print thanks to its high web page yields and affordable ink container cost. While its initial cost is a little bit pricey, you will conserve a great deal of money on ink costs over time since you will not need to buy them frequently. You will likely need to buy ink containers quicker if you often run upkeep jobs.

Epson ET-4800 Picture Printing Quality

The Epson EcoTank ET-4800’s pictures appear great. They mainly appear detailed and sharp, and there is almost no grain. However, there is slight banding in locations with small information or color changes, such as wall surfaces or skies.

Also, there are some defects when looking at specific information. For instance, the fallen yellow leaves on the trees are slightly blurred, and the fallen front leaves aren’t very unique from the back fallen leaves, meaning there isn’t as much of a feeling of deepness.

In the sundown picture, there is a little bit of a halo about the sunlight that should not be as obvious. This means your nature pictures will not appear comparable to those on screen. While indeterminate printing is sustained, it is available for only 3.5″ x 5″ and 4″ x 6″ dimensions.

After printing five pictures, the printheads were clogged and misaligned, triggering great deals of banding on the pictures. Operating the upkeep jobs assisted in refixing the problems, but this unit appears susceptible to blocking and misaligning every few web pages.

The checked pictures provided over are for a recommendation, and they appear a lot lighter than the actual physical pictures because of the scanning and submitting process. Blacks and various other dark shades appear a lot deeper. The ball game is based on actual physical pictures.

Epson ET-4800 Driver
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