Epson ET-4760 Driver

Epson ET-4760 Driver
Epson ET-4760 –

Epson ET-4760 Driver – The Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer is a multifunctional printer produced by Epson. It’s designed to provide a practical and affordable home and small workplace printing service.

Epson ET-4760 Driver


or Download Software and drivers for Epson ET-4760  from Epson Website.

Epson ET-4760 Overview

The Epson ET-4760 is a standout model within this collection, offering users a perfect mix of top-quality printing, cost savings, and eco-friendliness. In this article, we’ll look at the Epson ET-4760 better, exploring its features, benefits, and how it is changing how we approach home and workplace printing.

Efficient Ink Storage Container System

The foundation of the Epson ET-4760 is its innovative ink storage container system. Unlike traditional inkjet printers that use expensive ink cartridges, the ET-4760 features 4 large, refillable ink tanks—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

These tanks can be easily refilled with Epson’s affordable EcoTank ink containers, significantly decreasing each web page’s cost. With these charitable ink tanks, the need for regular cartridge substitutes is practically eliminated, conserving money and time.

High-Quality Printing

Do not let its environmentally friendly design trick you; the Epson ET-4760 does not compromise print quality. It flaunts PrecisionCore technology, which ensures sharp, vibrant, and accurate prints, whether you are creating documents, pictures, or marketing products.

With an optimum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, this printer provides professional-looking outcomes that can take on any premium printer in the marketplace.

Speed and Connection

The Epson ET-4760 isn’t just about savings and quality but also effectiveness. It offers a fast printing speed of up to 15 web pages each minute for black and white documents and 8 web pages for color prints.

The integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection options make it easy to print from various devices, including laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablet computers. Furthermore, it supports shadow printing solutions such as MSN Yahoo Shadow Print and Apple AirPrint, including its versatility.

Automated Document Feeder (ADF)

For those needing to scan or copy several web pages simultaneously, the Epson ET-4760 has a 30-sheet ADF. This feature streamlines the process, making it practical for jobs such as scanning heaps of documents or producing several duplicates of important documents. The ADF conserves time and ensures consistent outcomes; production is an important enhancement for busy workplaces.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Among the standout features of the Epson ET-4760 is its dedication to ecological sustainability. With its ink storage container system, it decreases plastic waste by getting rid of the need for nonreusable ink cartridges. Furthermore, Epson’s EcoTank ink containers use much less plastic product packaging than traditional cartridges, further decreasing its environmental impact. Choosing the ET-4760 saves money and adds to a greener planet.

Epson ET-4760 Scan to Computer

To scan a document or image from your Epson ET-4760 printer to your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure Connection: First, ensure that your Epson ET-4760 printer is properly connected to your computer through a USB cable or a wireless network connection.
  2. Please turn on the Printer: Power your Epson ET-4760 printer and ensure it’s ready.
  3. Load the Document: Place the document or image you want to scan on the scanner bed or into the automatic document feeder (if available).
  4. Access Epson Scan Utility: You should have the Epson Scan utility installed on your computer. You can download and install it from the official Epson website if you don’t have it.
  5. Launch Epson Scan: Open the Epson Scan utility on your computer. You can usually find it in your list of installed programs or by searching your computer’s applications.
  6. Select Scan Settings:
    • Choose your scanner (Epson ET-4760) if it’s not already selected.
    • Configure the scan settings such as scan type (color, grayscale, or black & white), resolution (usually measured in dots per inch or DPI), and file format (JPEG, PDF, etc.).
  7. Preview the Scan: Click the “Preview” or “Preview Scan” button in the Epson Scan utility. This will give you a preview of what the scanned image will look like.
  8. Adjust the Scan Area: If needed, you can adjust the scan area by clicking and dragging to select the specific portion of the document or image you want to scan.
  9. Start the Scan: Once the preview and settings are satisfied, click the “Scan” or “Scan Now” button. The scanner will begin the scanning process.
  10. Save the Scan: You’ll be prompted to save the scanned document or image after the scan. Choose a location on your computer where you want to save it and provide a name for the file.
  11. Review and Edit: If necessary, you can open the scanned file with an image editing software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop) to make additional adjustments or edits.
  12. Finish: Once you finish the scan and any necessary edits, you can close the Epson Scan utility and use the scanned file as needed.

You can scan a document or image from your Epson ET-4760 printer to your computer. The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your computer’s operating system and the version of the Epson Scan utility you have installed, but these general steps should guide you through the process.

Final thought

The Epson ET-4760 is an amazing printer that accommodates cost-conscious customers and ecologically conscious people or companies. Its efficient ink storage container system, top-quality printing abilities, and range of practical features make it a flexible enhancement to any office or home. Moreover, its dedication to decreasing waste and advertising sustainability aligns perfectly with the expanding global focus on eco-friendliness.

If you are in the marketplace for a printer that combines cost savings, remarkable efficiency, and eco-consciousness, the Epson ET-4760 is certainly well worth considering. It is a testimony to how technology can develop to satisfy the needs of the present while considering the future effect on our planet.

Epson ET-4760 Driver
Epson ET-4760 Driver

Epson ET-4760 Driver FREE Download for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS and Linux OS.

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