Epson L210 Scanner Driver

Epson L210 Scanner Driver – The Epson L210 comes with an all-in-one printer design different from some of the previous ones. The method of this printer is made slimmer and more ergonomic; besides that, the body of this printer is made of a sturdier material but lighter.

Epson L210 Scanner Driver


Epson L210 Scanner from Epson Website.

Epson L210 Scanner Review

Epson L210 Scanner Driver – If you observe in detail, then Epson seems to have switched from the command buttons usually listed above to be in front. This dramatically affects other Epson all-in-one printers with the Epson L210. With the buttons at the front, this printer can come with a slimmer body.

The Epson printer originally had the innovation to create a printer by glancing at the needs of printer users in Indonesia who, on average, made modifications to their printers to get a more significant number of prints and didn’t spend a lot of money to continue to buy new cartridges, this is in manifest in the L-series Epson printer, there are quite a few types of Epson printers that are discussed on this website, but this time we will discuss one of the best types that have been discontinued, namely the Epson L210.

Epson Indonesia no longer produces this printer because various generations of the latest series have appeared with multiple specifications and print speed updates. However, for those of you looking for this printer, you may still be able to get it at several printer outlets and stores that still have leftovers. Stock, because at the time of the launch of this series of printers, is entirely selling well.

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This printer has an all-in-one feature; let’s discuss these features individually. First, the copy feature. This printer is equipped with a copy facility, which means you can duplicate any document in black and white using this printer. This printer has a black-and-white document copy speed of 5 seconds per draft and a color document copy of 10 seconds.

However, we can only print as many as 20 copies at a time, which is quite limited. The second is the scan feature. It is undeniable that sometimes in some cases, we often need this facility. The Epson L210 comes equipped with this feature; the type of scanner that is on the L210 is

It seems unfair if you judge from the body and performance; we will not get a comprehensive review of the Epson L210 flatbed color image scanner with a CIS sensor type. The scan results produced by this printer can reach 600 x 1200 dpi; this is not in doubt because the scanner resolution of the L210 goes 600 dpi. Unfortunately, with a slim body, existing scanners tend to be smaller.

The scanner area of ​​this printer is only 216 x 297 mm or 8.5 x 11.7 inches. The scan speed of this printer is high, namely, 2.4 milliseconds/line for monochrome images and 9.5 milliseconds/line for color images. In addition, the color depth of the scan results from this printer is also quite good, which is 48-bit for color images and 16-bit for grayscale or black-and-white photos.

Epson L210 Scanner Driver – It has complex features that do not seem to make this printer eat up a lot of existing electricity. This printer only absorbs 13 watts when operating, 3.5 watts when in a standby position, 1.5 watts in sleep mode, and 0.3 watts when turned off.

Epson L210 Scanner Driver
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