Epson VS250 Driver

Epson VS250 Driver – The Epson VS250 is a portable projector marketed for business discussions. It has a more significant price point compared to various other projectors in its course. While we enjoyed some features, such as automated upright keystone modifications and its excellent illumination degrees, its low-resolution output makes it challenging to read any forecasted text.

Epson VS250 Driver

FilenameOperating SystemSize
Epson iProjection v3.31 for PC (with Moderator)Windows95.2 MB
Epson iProjection v3.30 for Mac (with Moderator)Mac OS3.48 MB

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Epson VS250 Review

Automated upright keystone modification

Epson VS250 Driver – The Epson VS250 has a great design—everything we want in a projector and appearances great too. At 11.9 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches and 5.3 extra pounds, it is a nice dimension, and if it had a more excellent resolution, we’d have no problem recommending it.

Our favorite feature is that the projector immediately changes its vertical keystone when you prolong the kickstand. The stand is a bit wobbly and made from plastic, but it can get the job done.

Instead of the upright keystone modification you would undoubtedly find on most various other projectors, there’s a straight keystone right behind the focus call. This is amazing because you do not need to point the projector straight at your forecast surface.

You can put the projector off sideways and change the distortion with the keystone, making this projector more flexible. For instance, you could put it on your night table beside the bed and project movies into your wall surface. The back feet are adjustable, so you can degree the projector on any surface. It also has a standard tripod installation option.

The lens is top quality and offers 3,200 lumens of illumination. We found the focus modification very smooth and accurate. Rather than a lens top, the projector has an integrated cover that you could slide available to subject the lens; when it is shut, it mutes both sound and video clip. We thought this was a great design—no more missing out on lens caps!

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Epson VS250 Driver – The follower and cooling systems are appropriately designed and peaceful and have a detachable dirt filter. The solitary 2W mono audio speaker lies in the projector’s rear, together with all the connection ports.

The connection options are slightly different from the other projectors we’ve evaluated. There are HDMI and SVGA inputs, stereo sound and video clip RCA, and USB-A and USB-B ports.

All the equipment switches are set out in addition to the projector—all we honestly used were the power and auto-detect switches because the remote consists of. The remote consists of a faster way to switch to software options not in the equipment switches on the situation.

Configuration Process: Anybody can do it

The Epson VS250 is feature-rich and has many software modification options, so we took a bit more time scrolling through the menus and changing the picture to our liking. Obtaining a significant focus was also challenging, not because the focus modification control misbehaved but because the projectors reduced resolution.

Epson VS250 Driver – Tester quickly obtained the projector working simply by linking up our laptop computer, powering the projector up, striking the auto input spot switch, and changing the keystone and focus. The tester invested significant time in the software, changing points such as comparison and luminosity because we were attempting to have more understandable text. Sadly, we just weren’t very effective in keeping that.

Epson VS250 Driver
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