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Epson LX-350 Driver – The appearance of the Epson LX-310 was initially intended for the low-end to mid-end market share, in contrast to the LQ-310, which was aimed at the high-end market share. The LX-310 printer is equipped with a 120 KB data input feature so that the speed is two times faster than other printers.

Epson LX-350 Driver


Epson LX-350 FULL Driver from Epson Website.

Epson LX-350 Review

Epson LX-350 Driver – Also, because it is prioritized for the mid-end market share, this printer is only equipped with a print head that has a 9-pin. However, the difference between 9-pin and 24-pin printers is not very noticeable. The difference only occurs when used to print images. This printer can also print 357 characters per second and is 40% faster than other dot matrix printers.

In addition to having high speed and good print results, Epson said that this printer has a reliability of about 67% over the previous types. So with high speed, good print results, and high reliability, this printer can help back-office in companies effectively. This printer has an MTBF of 10,000 POH, in contrast to the old model, which only has an MTBF of 6000 POH.

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Epson LX-350 Driver – Companies need dot-matrix printers because they only cost a few operational costs. Moreover, this printer model can print using NCR for duplicate printing. The price of the LX-310 printer is also quite affordable for small and medium companies. With the price of 2 million, this printer can be obtained.

Specifications of Epson LX-310

  1. Printing Technology: This printer uses the dot matrix method, which can print travel documents, notes, tickets, and others. This printer uses 9-pin technology, which is preferred to print documents with minimal graphics and more characters. This printer uses Bi-direction, where documents are printed from top to bottom.
  2. Print Speed. For high-speed draft, this printer can print 390 characters per second. This printer can print 357 characters per second for a standard speed draft. For slow-speed drafts, this printer can print 347 characters per second. For drafts, this printer can print 223 characters per second. For NLQ, this printer can print 56 characters per second.
  3. Characteristics of Print Results The print characters used in this printer include Italic table, PC437 (US Standard Europe), PC860 (Portuguese), PC 850 (Multilingual), PC861 (Icelandic), PC865 (Nordic), PC 863 (Canadian French), Roman 8, BRASCII, Latin ISO, ISO 8859 and PC 858.
  4. Interface and Data Input, For input data buffer of 128 kb. The default interface uses parallel Bi-Direction (IEEE-1284 nibble mode support) and USB 2.0 Serial Support.
  5. Reliability: MVBF is about 20 million lines, MTBF is 10000 POH, head-print life is about 400 million strokes, and ribbon life is about 4 million characters or 14 dots per character.
  6. Electrical Specifications The voltage required by this printer is AC 120/220-240 volts. For frequencies around 50-60 Hz. Power consumption is 27 W, and power in sleep mode is 1 W.


Epson LX-350 Driver

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