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Epson L4150 Review

Advantages of the Epson L4150 Printer

Currently, the era has advanced. This can be seen from all the wireless connections. Therefore, looking for a wireless connection is necessary because most printers require a USB connection for connectivity.

If you are looking for a product like this, don’t worry, Epson comes with the L4150 Series, which is equipped with wireless capabilities. Yes, you can print documents directly using only WiFi.

However, can the Epson L4150 fulfil all the needs for printing equipment? For that, we will give you 5 advantages of using the Epson L4150 printer. Like what?

Specifications of Epson L4150

In buying goods, of course, you need to know the full specifications before considering them. Moreover, knowing several advantages.

1. The advantages of Epson L4150: Design that is easy to put anywhere

Yes, like it or not, design is the first point that we value. What this printer actually uses in terms of design is not much different from the L1110 and L3110 series. However, this tool is higher than the other two series. Because the dimensions are 375 x 347 x 187 mm.

Interestingly, you will find various buttons on the device’s body, such as the scan to computer button, copy black only, colour copy, and resume. Yes, this button is a shortcut to important functions so that you can easily print.

The rest is practically the same as the other L series. The ink tank is already in front with the unique ink nozzles of each. Of course, this is intended so that the ink pouring process does not stagnate. You will never have to spill ink again.

2. Epson L4150 advantages: Speed ​​and sharpness in printing

For this L series, Epson has indeed equipped its tools with sophisticated technology. It can be seen from the processing speed of printing. Printing in black only requires a speed of 10.5 ipm, while printing in colour only requires 5 ipm.

In addition, the prints from this printer are quite sharp. Comes with a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi, the Epson L4150 can deliver outstanding print results. Even for black prints, you can get accurate results and be free from leaks.

3. Advantages of Epson L4150: Already equipped with scan and copy features

Of course, with the large body carried by the Epson L4150, this printer does not exist as a printing tool only. However, this one product can also do a scan. Yes, scan documents and print them. The results are also sharp because it is equipped with a resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi.

Not only scanning, but this product can also copy documents. That way, you don’t need to go to a photocopier if you want to duplicate documents. No need to explain anymore; the copy is also sharper.

4. Advantages of Epson L4150: Already equipped with WiFi facilities

As we mentioned above, this printer also carries a wireless connection by relying on WIFI. Does that mean you can print if there is WIFI? Not really, this printer is equipped with WIFI direct, so 4 kinds of gadgets can be connected directly without the need for a router.

With this Epson L4150, you can even print directly using your cellphone. You need to download an application that supports it to print your document. You can print via Google Cloud Print and Mopria Print Service.

5. Advantages of Epson L4150: Price and warranty

The Epson L4150 is sold at a fairly affordable price, around Rp. 3,998,000. This price is not too high when compared to the features it carries. After all, this printer is only Rp. 200 thousand different from the previous series. So, we think it’s still worth it to buy it.

Oh yes, the price mentioned above is the official price. You can still find lower prices elsewhere, up to IDR 3.2 million. The price of the ink itself is IDR 42,000 per bottle per colour.

In addition, the warranty embedded in this printer is also enough to make buyers feel safe. Yes, the warranty is only two years or 30,000 prints. However, you can replace all the components when they are damaged without exception.

With the five advantages of the Epson L4150 printer above, the tester hopes you no longer have to worry about choosing tools for your office. Because in addition to a simple design, this product is also multifunctional, so you don’t need to buy other tools to scan and copy.