Epson L120

Epson L120 Review, FREE Download for Windows 10, Windows 7, etc. (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS, Linux.

This Epson L120 printer is one of the Epson L series printers launched around the beginning of April this year. This printer itself was made by perfecting the previous L series printers, namely the L100 and L110.

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Epson L120 Review

At first glance, there is no significant difference between this printer and the L110 printer. However, if we examine carefully, this printer will have different parts compared to the previous type of ink tank printers. Epson claims to use the latest technology without using chokes and hoses that are visible on the outside.

This single-function printer eliminates the choke valve to lock the ink; this means that when you move the printer somewhere, there is no need to be confused because the ink tank has become one with the printer body. In addition, the top cover is removed, so when you fill in the ink, you no longer need to open the existing cap; you need to open the ink tank cover.

There is one more advantage of the latest technology from Epson L210 regarding the ink hose that is directly connected without being on the outside of the printer, of course, makes the printer look more compact.

Moving on from the new technology applied, we now examine the Epson L120 into the dimensions of the latest printer manufactured from Japan. Again, the difference between the dimensions of the previous type of printer is not so thick.

This Epson L120 comes with a slimmer and elegant body. With a height of 130mm (13 cm/5.1 inches), the body height of the Epson L120 is the same as its predecessor Epson L110. The width of the Epson L120 is only 215 mm (21.5 cm / 8.5 inches); the width of this printer is much smaller than the L110 printer, which is at 222 mm (22.2 cm / 9 inches) length of the printer.

The Epson L120 is at 461 mm (46.1 cm/18.1 In); this is very different from the Epson L110, which is at 472 mm (47.2 cm). If we conclude from the statistics above, the Epson L120 printer is slimmer than its predecessor.


This printer is equipped with ink tank technology that is much more advanced than previous printers; this technology will make it easier for you to move the printer anywhere you want. Of course, the Epson L120 printer comes with smaller and slimmer dimensions than previous types of printers.

The Epson L120 printer masters the advantages of previous printers, namely print speed and extraordinary print efficiency. This type of printer is designed to print much faster than the previous types of printers.

The print efficiency of this printer is also quite the maximum; with an ink bottle from Epson of 700 ml of black ink, this printer is capable of printing 4000 black and white pages. It is suitable for anyone working on a thesis, running a document printing business, or an office that needs to print black and white documents.

The reliability of this printer is great; this printer will still be at a pretty good performance even though it is used for 1 month to print various documents. Rarely do we hear of this printer experiencing significant problems, such as the Epson L210 printer.