HP DeskJet 3835 Review and Drivers

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HP DeskJet 3835 Review and Drivers – The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3835 is an All-in-One (AIO) printer that has compact dimensions that are easily placed anywhere. This best All-in-One printer can print 480 pages in black and white and 150 pages in color with only one cartridge. This favorite printer can scan, copy and also can print photos of good quality.

HP DeskJet 3835 Review

Now you can complete all documentation work, whether printing, scanning or copying documents faster and more efficiently from both a PC and Smartphone and Tablet with the HP Deskjet 3835 AIO. Use an HP original cartridge to get more prints and lower costs. This All in One printer supports the Wireless feature that allows you to connect to a Printer via WiFi.

HP DeskJet 3835
HP DeskJet 3835

Install the HP All in One Printer Remote Mobile App application to make it easier to manage printing and Scan tasks. The HP Deskjet 3835 can print at speeds of up to 20 sheets per minute for black and white and 16 sheets per minute for color.

Do all the work in a shorter time because the HP Deskjet 3835 can print up to 20 sheets per minute. This printer has a 5.5 cm (2.2 Inch) screen that displays the Printer menu and status. The HP Deskjet 3835 is very easy to install.

Simple settings allow the printer to be directly connected to the network in the office or home quickly. This printer has a compact size. And thanks to its multifunctional performance, you can save a lot of space to keep a single documentation device that can do all kinds of things.

This includes simple mobile printing- begin publishing and get linked rapidly with a simple configuration from your mobile phone, tablet computer, or PC. Link your mobile phone or tablet computer straight to your printer and quickly publish without accessing a network. Handle publishing jobs and check on the move with the totally free HP all-in-one Printer Remote mobile application.

HP DeskJet 3835 Drivers