HP DeskJet 3635 Review and Drivers

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HP DeskJet 3635 Review and Drivers – Not only has a compact size, but this cool printer is also presented with unique colors and designs. This color combination of printers can make the interior of the room look more elegant and luxurious. The operational buttons that this printer has are also very elegant and cool. So it’s only natural that more people are interested in buying it.

HP DeskJet 3635 Review

Wifi connection that is owned by this printer allows users to print documents directly through tablets, smartphones, PCs or computers that have wireless connections. With the advancement of the technology used by HP printers making the costs that we incur to be cheaper using the Original HP Ink Advantage Cartridge Ink of course.

HP DeskJet 3635
HP DeskJet 3635

Maybe you think that this printer will be priced at a high price because of its appeal. But apparently, this quality printer is sold on the market. You are interested? The following is an HP 3635 Printer Review that must be known.

Not only can it be used as a printer, but this tool can also be used to do photocopy and data scanning. The scanning results from this HP scanner can you save with a variety of formats ranging from BMP, PDF, GIF, JPG, TIF, and PNG.

The maximum size of paper that can be scanned is 297 x 216 mm. The resolution of the results of this copier machine is 600 to 300 dpi. You can also increase the copy paper to 200% of its original size using this one HP printer.

The HP 3635 is equipped with high-quality technology and features. One of them is the HP Thermal Inkjet Printer, which allows for better printing of paper. With this technology, of course, you will be more satisfied with the HP 3635 printer performance.

HP DeskJet 3635 Drivers